Net Areas Total Net Area
Living Room 32,38
Kitchen 11,69
Hall 9,84
Bedroom 11,77
Master Bedroom 17,69
En-Suite Bathroom 3,04
Bathroom 3,68
Laundry 2,08
Balcony(Living Room) 9,32
Balcony(Living Room) 1,01
Balcony(En-Suite Bathroom) 1,01
Sum of Net Areas(downstairs) 103,51
Net Areas Total Net Area
Bedroom 13,52
Bedroom 18,26
Bathroom 3,70
Hall 2,92
Terrace 7,30
Sum of Net Areas(upstairs) 45,70
Sum Of Net Areas 149,21
Gross Ares 211,69

The plans, architectural renderings and technical specifications shown on this website are subject to change without notice by Mika. The plants that are displayed in the architectural renderings may not match precisely with the plants that are included in the landscaping at delivery, in terms of certain qualities such as shape, colour, amount, size and type.

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