As Mika believes that high-quality and distinctive architectural design is an essential part of a successful project, it collaborated with the famous Italian architectural firm Progetto CMR, recognised for its notable achievements in important projects around the world.

Since the rst site visit, we felt the need to create a residential complex with an exclusive and harmonious design, fully integrated in the beautiful nature of the surroundings; something dierent and outstanding and able to attract the attention of the market for its superior quality.

We then applied our distinctive design process, which places the needs of the end-user at the centre, considers the environment as a resource for creating sustainable architecture and combines inspiration coming from our cultural origins with locals ones.

The result is a residential complex consisting of three separate buildings, carefully situated considering the best possible orientation to enable dierent visual cues on the beautiful landscape that populate the surroundings and to benefit from natural elements like the sun and the air.

The facades have been designed with asymmetrical bow windows, giving a unique image to the building complex. This technical solution assures natural light, high comfort and energy savings. Moreover, due to the distinctly triangular shaped bow windows oriented toward the valley, the privacy of the inhabitants is guaranteed from the sight of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The meticulous selection of the materials such as the beige stone and wood has been guided by the ultimate aim of blending the buildings into the beautiful natural landscape surrounding the complex, in order to create perfect harmony with the environment.

Massimo Roj

CEO, Progetto CMR

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