environmentally friendly living spaces from mika

Since 2005, we have been designing residential spaces where people can feel safe and comfortable, and even the most seemingly insigniflcant needs can be fulfilled. As with all our other projects, we designed Naturalist by combining our considerable expertise and professional enthusiasm with superior architectural standards utilized in developed countries. Once again, we aimed to take advantage of advanced technologies to build world class, environmentally friendly residential spaces, where people would feel enthusiastic to live.

Naturalist is a project which is extremely fortunate in terms of its location. Furthermore, the plan to keep the construction low-rise, the view of nature which will remain unobstructed and being able to stare at the stars in the sky at night are aspects which will ensure that you maintain a peaceful lifestyle.

We started with a dream and have been working tirelessly for it to come to fruition. We invite everyone to share in our dream and to join us for a green life at Naturalist.

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