Everyone has a different style...

Dalia or Roseto... Depending on how you would like to decorate your flat, there are two interior design options that you can choose from at Naturalist, each offering dierent features.

You can create the look that matches your style by selecting interior design elements such as the doors, ceramics, kitchen cabinets, skirting boards, floor coverings and crown mouldings.


With the modern interior design option, all the details were designed based on simplicity. As a result, a contemporary look was achieved.


Simplicity and balance factors were prioritized to create a pure and eortless look, even in the smallest details such as the door handles and the skirting boards.


Natural light is one of the rare qualities that can change the entire atmosphere of a house. Large windows which allow maximum daylight into the house were designed to create a bright environment, along with wide corridors to generate a more spacious feeling.


Inspired by the feeling of serenity that water evokes, a pure and effortless look was applied to bathroom decoration


Without a doubt, your living room is quite important. An elegant layout together with brick faced walls are the special details that set your flat apart with a modern look.


Dierent decoration options are available for the bedrooms which have been spaciously designed. To create extra comfort, en-suite bathrooms* are included in the master bedrooms
* 1+1 flats do not have en-suite bathrooms.


We spend a large portion of our day in the kitchen. Beyond meal preparation, your kitchen is large enough to create a dining space where you can place a table and chairs.


Time is valuable for all of us.With flats that have an open kitchen layout, you can chat with your guests as you prepare your meals.


With this option, all the details were carefully created to make a dierence for those who enjoy classic layouts and want to incorporate style into their everyday lives.


Influenced by classic design, the spacious and bright entrance hall is in harmony with the unique feel of your house.


It is possible to turn your dreams into reality in a house that has been designed by closely following the latest fashion trends in choosing crown mouldings to doors and from the parquet floors to the kitchen cabinets.


As with all the other corners of your house, it is important that you feel comfortable in your bedroom. For this reason, special attention was paid to ensure that the bedrooms are spacious. With the en-suite bathrooms* in the master bedrooms, you can easily get ready in the mornings and start your day feeling energised.
* 1+1 flats do not have en-suite bathrooms.


The dual* parking garage space for each at, extra parking spaces for motorcycles, bikes and guest cars, charging units for electrical cars, the heated vehicle entry ramp, water purication system, oor heating and the generator which serves all units including the common spaces are only a few of the details that are part of Naturalist, where your comfort is prioritized.


As with the rest of the flat, items with classic style were chosen for the bathrooms. The selection process always favoured the most stylish and elegant pieces when deciding on details such as the oor and wall ceramics and bathroom cabinets.


Your living room is undoubtedly the centre of attraction of your house.The stylish and elegant layout, together with brick faced walls, sets your flat apart from others and brings classic decoration together with a contemporary approach.


As you move into your living room, which will witness many festive celebrations and blissful days, you will notice the role of elegant details in creating a stylish look. Those with an open kitchen will also have the chance to participate in all the conversations and to capture every moment.

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